Support Lines

The JQYA is not only a platform for the exchange of scientific ideas but also offers very important financial support. Individually tailored support lines provide scientific freedom and therefore allow individual career development to be pursued more efficiently. There are several support lines integrated into the Academy Program:

For all Fellows and Members:
Scientific Development

For Fellows:
Academy Fellowships
Sabbatical Fellowships
Associated Fellowships
International Visiting Fellowships

For Members:
Science Funding

For all Fellows and Members:

Scientific Development

  • Advancement of professional qualification – through courses, workshops, conferences and the annual Academy School
  • Use of the JQYA platform to organize or participate in conferences and workshops on subjects related to the current Academy Topic.

For Fellows

Support is offered for up to 3 years.

JQYA funded activities must fall within the framework of the Academy’s Topic. We do not allocate a fixed annual budget for each Fellow. Funds are distributes upon request

Academy Fellowships – accessible to all JQYA Fellows

  • Facilitation of international collaboration and research initiatives (e.g. short research visits abroad)
  • Implementation of own research projects

JQYA Fellows receive up to €10,000 as earmarked funding for each project-related and approved application. The annual JQYA call for Fellows includes the application for Academy Fellowships.

Sabbatical Fellowshipsavailable for JQYA Fellows of Goethe University only

  • Release from teaching obligations for up to one semester
  • Freedom for scientific research

The funds cover costs of teaching replacement up to €32.000 and are not passed on to the Fellows. Fellows cannot be released from duties relating to administrative or departmental management. The annual JQYA call for Fellows includes the application for Sabbatical Fellowships.

Associated Fellowships – accessible to Goethe University’s researchers

  • Facilitation of new (international) collaboration initiatives 
  • Implementation of own research activities within the framework of the Academy Topic

No additional funding will be awarded, although Associated Fellows are welcome to submit applications for joint research projects with JQYA Fellows and Members (tandems). The annual call for Fellows includes the application for Associated Fellowships.

Associated Fellows are also eligible for Goethe University’s ECR Support, including funding for Infrastructure, Open Access, and International Liaison Fellowships. There is a special call for these applications twice a year, as part of Goethe University’s R3 Career Support program.

International Visiting Fellowships – for external international researchers

  • Strengthening of international exchange
  • Fostering fruitful collaborations in the framework of the Academy Topic

Successful candidates are invited to carry out a research visit at Goethe University (1-3 months) as International Visiting Fellows. Funding includes the reimbursement of travel, accommodation and living expenses during the research visit. The application call is advertised twice a year as part of Goethe University’s R3 Career Support program.

JQYA Membership

Support is offered for up to 5 years.

Science funding

The funding is supposed to support the establishment of their own research group at Goethe University and the scientific independence. It is intended to cover all types of human (staff) and material resources, which cannot be covered otherwise. It may be possible to use the funding to extend one’s own position at Goethe University, after other financial resources have been met. It may not be used as a source of additional income during the term of the candidate’s existing work contract.

Science funding is provided as third-party funding under the condition that the hosting department agrees to provide a departmental contribution.

Candidates from non-experimental fields will receive up to €100.000 (€25.000 departmental contribution + €75.000 JQYA contribution).

Candidates from experimental fields requiring expensive equipment will receive up to €200.000 (€66.000 departmental contribution + €134.000 JQYA contribution).

Should the department contribute only a part of the requisite contribution, the budget provided by the JQYA will be reduced accordingly to maintain the ratio above. However, the JQYA will not increase its maximum contribution, should the department choose to raise their contribution.