Support lines

The JQYA is not only a platform for the exchange of scientific ideas but also offers very important financial support. Individually tailored support lines provide scientific freedom and therefore allows individual career development to be pursued in a more efficient manner.

There are four support lines which are integrated into the Academy Program and therefore only available to Fellows(I) Scientific Development; (II) Academy Fellowship; (III) Sabbatical Fellowship and (IV) International Academy Program Fellowship. (V) The Science Funding line is only available to Members.

*Members may apply for Fellow status and qualify for Scientific Development by participation in the Academy Program.

For Fellows

Scientific Development

is accessible to any Fellow without additional application and is defined as:

  • Advancing professional qualifications—courses, workshops, participation in external conferences, as well as a short stay with collaboration partners, for the purpose of research.
  • Using the JQYA’s platform to organize or participate in conferences, workshops, etc. on topics relating to the current Academy Theme.


Sabbatical Fellowship

Up to three per yearis available to the Fellows of the Goethe University only. A sabbatical releases the Fellow from teaching duties for up to one semester, allowing him/her to focus on their own research activities. The fellowship is not transferred directly to the Fellow but rather covers the costs of a teaching replacement. The Fellow cannot be released from duties relating to administrative or departmental management.

Academy Fellowship

Up to six per year—is accessible to any Fellow and is awarded for the purpose of implementing international collaborations and research activities, along with carrying out one’s own research activities as per the Academy Theme. The Fellow is awarded €10,000. – as earmarked funding. The annual application call for Fellow status includes the application for the Academy Fellowship.

International Academy Program Fellowship

One per year –  is accessible for international researchers. This line aims to strengthen international interactions and fruitful collaboration within the Academy Program on the Academy Theme. The IAPF is announced for international researchers only, working in their field of studies on questions related to the Academy Theme. One successful candidate per year is invited to carry out a 12-month research stay at the Goethe University. The international Fellow is awarded with €60,000. – as a personal grant to cover their living costs during the research stay. We provide the international Fellow with a furnished apartment and a fully equipped office at advantageous conditions. The annual application call is advertised each spring/summer through diverse international science community sources.

For Members

Science funding

This support line is intended for the establishment of their own research group and the strengthening of scientific independence. The support is intended to cover all manner of human (employees) and material resources which cannot be applied for in other ways. It is possible to use the support to extend the Member’s own position at the Goethe University after other financial resources have run out. It is not meant to increase the Member’s own income during the term of the valid contract.

Scientific funding is paid as third-party funding on the condition that the responsible faculty agrees to pay the faculty contribution. Candidates from non-experimental fields (not requiring expensive equipment) are awarded up to max. €100,000. – EUR (€25,000. – faculty contribution + €75,000. – JQYA contribution). Candidates from experimental fields (requiring expensive equipment) are awarded up to max. €200,000. – (€66,000- faculty contribution + €134,000. – JQYA contribution).

If the faculty only provides a partial contribution, the budget granted will be reduced correspondingly, to keep the above-mentioned ratio. In contrast, the JQYA cannot increase the maximum JQYA-contribution, even if the faculty is able and willing to increase the faculty contribution mentioned above