Academy Topic – Call for Fellows


We invite applications of early career researchers from Goethe University, the RMU Alliance, and partner institutions, who are interested in the academy topic „Connectivity. Networks. Flows.“, and who would like to join our interdisciplinary debates.

Applications will be accepted by 15.11.2021.

Each year, the JQYA defines a new research topic for the academy program. For 2022, the JQYA has chosen the topic „Connectivity. Networks. Flows.“ to address current issues in sciences, arts, and humanities.

Our new topic opens the door to an interdisciplinary exchange highlighting the following scientific concepts:

  • The parameters and elements of connectivity, i.e. the capability of being connective or connected, which is one of the key principles in a wide array of natural, social, and technological systems.
  • The structure and function of networks, i.e. systems consisting of many similar parts that are connected to enable movement or circular communication between or along them or with a control centre
  • The emergence and relevance of flows, i.e. the continuous and easy movement, which creates unique trajectories.


Advanced postdocs, independent group leaders, assistant professors (German: Junior-/Qualifikationsprofessur) of the Goethe University and partner institutions


  • CV
  • List of publications and conference participations  
  • Letter of motivation, addressed to the JQYA directors
  • 2 references, at least one of them international 
  • Explanation of how the requested Fellowship would advance your career (if applicable)


Please send your application for the Fellow status as one PDF file in English to

If you wish to apply for a fellowship, please state your motivation in the application.

Application deadline: 15.11.2021


Selection of Fellows – up to 10 p.a. – by the JQYA distinguished senior scientists, based on:

  • Achievement and impact of the scientific research
  • Well-stated link to the Academy Topic
  • Strong personal motivation to participate in the program