Academy Program

Outline of the Academic Program

The JQYA relies on creative and motivated individuals, as the Fellows and Members enjoy complete freedom in shaping the Academy Program and initiating lively and fruitful discussions.

To ensure that this academic work is directed and focused, the Fellows set a new Academy Topic each winter term. The joint thematic development of the Academy Topic in a cross-disciplinary manner is tackled within the elements of the Academy Program:

  • Three to four study days devoted to internal discussions of the Academy Topic, the development of the joint project, and compilation of results, which will be delivered as a keynote lecture at the Award Ceremony. 
  • Scientific tandems for the joint organization of scientific events, e.g. lectures, workshops, book presentations. 
  • Public events in cooperation with partners of Goethe University, e.g. participation in the Night of Science, Green Office etc.
  • Lecture series with concluding discussions at the Director’s invitation. Invited speakers are  senior scientists from Goethe University and partner institutions.
  • Kick-off Meeting and introduction of new Fellows and Members on 31.03.2023 (online), including short presentations by all new awardees.
  • Award Ceremony on 21. April 2023, including the welcoming of new Fellows and Members, and the presentation of the results of the joint project.
  • One or two internal workshops to develop and define the next Academy Topic. 
  • Besides, we regularly offer training with external coaches for our Fellows and Members, e.g. on interaction with media, critical interviews or scientific communication.

The Academy Program provides a framework for close intellectual exchange and interdisciplinary dialogues between Fellows and Members, as well as with leading personalities from science, industry, society and politics, on a national and international level.

Academy Topic 2022/2023: CONNECTIVITY. NETWORKS. FLOWS.

JQYA - Connectivity Network Flows

For 2022, the JQYA has chosen the topic „Connectivity. Networks. Flows.“ to address current issues in sciences, arts, and humanities. Our new topic opens the door to an interdisciplinary exchange highlighting the following scientific concepts:

  • The parameters and elements of connectivity, i.e. the capability of being connective or connected, which is one of the key principles in a wide array of natural, social, and technological systems.
  • The structure and function of networks, i.e. systems consisting of many similar parts that are connected to enable movement or circular communication between or along them or with a control centre.
  • The emergence and relevance of flows, i.e. the continuous and easy movement, which creates unique trajectories.