JQYA Academic Calendar 2024

Registration required. Please contact the JQYA office if you would like to attend.

Tandem Workshop

Kerne des Granatapfels

06.06.2024, Forschungskolleg Bad Homburg
Organised by JQYA Fellow Caroline Sauter and JQYA Alumna Susanne Fehlings

Past Events

JQYA Kick-off Meeting 

Introduction of new Fellows and Members

18.03., 4 – 6 pm, online

Study Day

Frobenius Collection (rock art archive)

05.12.2023, Goethe University Frankfurt, Campus Westend, IG Farben Building
Organised by JQYA Fellow Susanne Fehlings

Lecture Series

Künstliche Intelligenz in den Wissenschaften: Fluch oder Segen?

Winter Semeter 23/24, Goethe-Uni, Campus Westend, Max-Horkheimer-Straße 2, Normative Orders EG.01, and online

Organised by Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Frankfurt


Toward a Multifaced History of Architecture and Internationalism

16.-17.11.2023, The University of Exeter

Co-organised by JQYA Associated Fellow Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi with participation of JQYA Fellow Daniela Ortiz dos Santos


JQYA Academy School with the Young Academy for Sustainability Research (YAS)

10.-12.10.2023, FRIAS

Registration required. Please contact the JQYA office if you would like to attend.

Internal Workshop

Defining the New Academy Topic

30.08.2023, 9-10 am, online

15.09.2023, 8-11 am at Senckenberg


Rhetoric, body language, and presentation

23.-24.08.2023, Goethe-Uni, Campus Westend, Seminarhaus, SH 0.106

Intensive Training for JQYA Fellows by Tillman Billing

Registration required. Please contact the JQYA office if you would like to attend.


Pars pro toto. Per Los im Bürgerrat

29.06.2023, Christoph Käppeler and Chrisitina Sianides (HR Info) interviewing JQYA Fellow Rikki Dean


Flowers, pollinators and interactions

14.05.2023, Wissenschaftsgarten on Riedberg Campus

Educational workshop as part of the Goethe University spring festival


Translation: Experiments

11.-12.05.2023, Goethe-Uni, Campus Westend

Organisation: JQYA Fellow Caroline Sauter & Associated Fellow Marília Jöhnk

Study Day

JQYA Kick-off Meeting

Introduction of new Fellows and Members

31.03.2023, 9 am, online


Climate assemblies

28.03.2023, SwissInfo interviewing  JQYA Fellow Rikki Dean