Participation for young and senior scientists

Participation in the JQYA can be at different levels. Young researchers from different disciplines and universities can join the JQYA as Fellows or Members, senior scientists can be appointed as Distinguished Senior ScientistsFellows and Members become JQYA Alumni after their participation expires.

Different participation levels, together with the mixture of different disciplines and universities, ensure the JQYA’s international and interdisciplinary character and create a long-lasting international network of researchers.


Fellows shape the academy’s inner core through their integration into the Academy Program for 3 years.

Creative and motivated early-career researchers from the Goethe University or its partner universities, who would like to participate in our Academy Program, can apply for Fellow status upon our annual announcement of the Academy Theme and call for Fellows.

To honor their existing outstanding scientific achievements, successful candidates are adopted annually into the JQ Young Academy as JQYA-Fellows. The Fellowship status is awarded each year in an official ceremony. This status enables Fellows to make use of the Scientific Development support line and qualifies them to apply for either a Sabbatical Fellowship or an Academy Fellowship (see below).

Early-career researchers from any international university world-wide, can also participate in the Academy Program by applying for the International Academy Program Fellowship upon a call. Each year, only one successful candidate is nominated as an international JQYA-Fellow and is invited for a research stay at the Goethe University to work in the academy and to broaden their international experience.


Members form the next layer of JQYA. The support line for members is a part of the Goethe University’s recruiting strategy, which aims to acquire the best internationally-proven early-career researchers from abroad or from other German universities.

Internationally renowned junior group leaders and junior PI’s, who have successfully applied for highly competitive third-party funding and are in the process of establishing their own research group at the Goethe University, can apply for JQYA-Membership.

Only a few successful applicants each year are granted strong financial support through the JQYA. The duration of their membership is linked to the duration of the candidate’s third-party funding. Members are not automatically integrated into the Academy Program upon their membership but instead may join the Academy Program through a successful application for Fellow status.

Senior Scientists

A unique feature of the JQYA, is that it connects young scientists with outstanding leaders of the international science community from different disciplines.

Every three years, the founding directors and the Goethe University’s executive board appoint Distinguished Senior Scientists to the JQYA’s external board.

These renowned scientists are established, international researchers with extraordinary scientific achievements. They play a crucial role by giving support and advice to the academy directors and give critical and inspiring impulses to the Fellows’ scientific discussions.