Dr. Federico L.G. Faroldi 

International Academy Program Fellow

I am a researcher of the Flanders Research Foundation (FWO) at the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science of the Ghent University, where I direct a three-year project. I was recently awarded with a Lise Meitner prize by the Austrian Research Fund (FWF) for a project on normative language.

E-Mail: federico.faroldi@ugent.be

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I study normativity and normative phenomena with formal methods coming from mathematics, decision and game theory, and philosophy.
My research interests are in logic (esp. deontic and modal, algebraic semantics), metaphysics (hyperintensionality, supervenience), metaethics (reasons) and philosophy of law (responsibility). My current research is on a hyperintensional theory of normative phenomena, on identity and indiscernibility in higher-order languages, and on the scale of moral adjectives.